ABOUT US (Sobre nosotros)

My name is Maria Anna Klasens and i come from Holland. I am the owner of Anna by Mariamo design and Totalwedding bridalwebshop with a sewing department called Anna at the Partida Derramador nr. 317 Elche CV855 , Alicante Spain.

You find a lot of weddingdresses in our shop in different sizes.
From every dress i have only one. My years of experience in fashion and bridal fashion has give me al lot of skills what i can use for mine new clients here in Spain. 

Mine own fashion label ANNA is made in Elche, region of Alicante, Spain. These models can be ordered at our webshop. In our sewing department we can alterate also your own clothes. If you want to make an appointment with me for alteration or you want to see your favorite model in real please sms or whatsApp me at number 0034-667497708 for an apointment. 

In addition, you also find in our webshop items that are not made by mine own studio such as weddingdresses, suits and shirts for men , ties, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. Surf through our store and order your desired article today.

We would like to meet you as a customer and  welcome you in our online fashion and bridal webshop .
I am be register under number ESX5906908W Maria Anna Klasens.  Bruidsmodewebshop  en Totalwedding in the pass in NL

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